Good Skincare

The question everyone asks is “what skincare routine should I follow?” Rather than recommend specific products, let’s talk about our recipe for great skin.


1. A teaspoon of cleanser

Every morning and evening
A non-drying cleanser is the bedrock of a great skincare regime. The right cleanser can make a huge difference to your skin, as can the wrong one. If in doubt, a gentle rinse off cleanser is the safest bet as this type of product suits most skins. If you have a peek in any dermatologist’s bathroom cupboard, you will find Cetaphil, which is a great basic cleanser and very reasonably priced. A more tailored cleanser can be even better, and at faceAK we offer a range of cleansers to suit all skin types and budgets.

2. One desertspoon of cleanser

Evenings only
It might sound rather boring, but this can be a game changer in the condition of your skin. The first wash removes make up traces plus daily surface dirt, the second really tackles dirt and excess oil meaning cleaner skin that is less prone to blemishes. Really clean skin also ensures that treatment products are properly absorbed.

3. Pinch of exfoliator

Once or twice a week
The exfoliation process is “controlled stress” that triggers the skin’s natural repair process. Exfoliation whisks away dead skin cells and helps treatment products to penetrate. The key thing is don’t do this too much – too strong or too often. Exfoliate at home once or twice a week maximum – more than that and you risk aggravating your complexion and causing sensitivities. Research has shown that glycolic acid stimulates collagen production over time and a range of glycolic and other chemical peels are available through faceAK to improve skin quality and texture.

4. A teaspoon of sun protection

Apply every morning
Over 90 percent of the therapies used for skin rejuvenation are aimed at damage that has occurred as a direct result of repeated exposure to sunlight. Most people don’t slather on the teaspoon of sunscreen on their face that is required to get the full SPF listed on the bottle. A properly applied SPF15 is sufficient for everyday use, but if you tend to skimp when you apply your sun protection it is advisable to use a higher SPF (e.g. SPF30 with a UVA rating of 4 or 5 stars).

5. A dash of retinoids

The most tested and proven anti ager there is. All-trans retinoic acid, also known as Tretinoin, has been a prescription form of vitamin A for over 45 years. From gentle products containing retinyl palminate and low doses of retinol, through to salon only ranges and prescription products, retinoids are the “Rolls Royce” in anti-aging which is why the faceAK clinic works with a number of skin care ranges using retinoids as a key active ingredient

6. All the ingredients above

Repeat every day
A regular and consistent routine is better that chopping and changing every 5 minutes. Keep your core routine manageable for you and your lifestyle and top up with specialist products or extra treatments as and when needed.

7. The secret ingredient!

Treatments once a month, possibly more
A well structured programme can start you on a skincare journey that will last a lifetime. Whether you want a simple regime to maintain optimum skin health or a more intensive anti-aging programme, faceAK can provide a bespoke treatment programme that is unique to you. Our personalised programmes draw on the full range of products and services we offer including homecare products, skin peels, facials and dermarollering.